All in Interview

Techlandia: The Art in Kickstarter #8

The key for me was not to just have a guy in a suit with a Cthulhu head, but to have the guy in a suit with a Cthulhu head be just another cog in the corporate wheel. The ridiculousness and the horror work hand-in-hand, and frankly, except for the actual evil magic stuff, it's not that divorced from the real tech industry.

Heather Vaughan: Art in Board Games #53

I went through a long time where in my head “Finished art” meant that the art was hyper realistic and perfect. [..] It was a hard time training my brain to be okay with finished art that was polished, but not sterile. [..] that’s where my color choices and strange themes come from [..] me leaning hard into the skid of trying to buck the idea that realism is the only way for art to be truly “finished”.

Untamed - Feral Factions: The Art in Kickstarter #7

[..] we wanted it to be recognisable and something that people could identify with. I think that the downfall of a lot of high fantasy themed media is that you either love it or you're indifferent to it at best. However, everybody knows what a Tiger, a Panda or Rabbit is and a lot of people have some sort of connection with animals. I think this automatically lowers the barrier of entry and allows people to actually look further than the theme…

Atommix: The Art in Kickstarter #6

Art shouldn't be in a museum where you need to go especially and pay money if you want to explore aesthetics, it should surround us.  We started with our first piece three years ago in Tel Aviv central bus station and we've both been hooked ever since. It took us some time to learn to work together, how to give and receive critique and create for the being that is Extra Crunchy that allows us to deliver our message better…

Matijos Gebreselassie: Art in Board Games #49

The art director should be in charge of the final stitching of art components so they come together as one. You try to avoid the effect of a Frankenstein being put together from lots of different elements. It doesn't mean that only your art style goes on top of the last edit, it could be anyone's from the team, it's just a matter of keeping it all consistent at the end.