I was hopeful holding something paint related would make me look artistic.

I was hopeful holding something paint related would make me look artistic.

About More Games Please

This site is designed as a cultural library for board game art and interviews with the talented individuals behind it.

Despite there being so many websites online that talk about board games, very few talk about or focus on the artwork. For More Games Please I wanted to make sure that art was the core topic of conversation and keep it there.

This site is all about the stories behind this work and it's my hope that my small corner of the internet will help encourage the support and celebration of art in this industry.

This site is a solo hobby project, ad free and self funded. If you'd like to help support me then feel free to donate via Patreon.

In my personal non-gaming time I study Psychology after a first degree in Film, work for a local university and volunteer with AgeUK.

My site logo was illustrated by the brilliant Amy Blackwell. If you'd like to see more of what she does you can find her on www.amyblackwell.co.uk.


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