Vote - Top 10 Best Board Game Art 2018

Vote - Top 10 Best Board Game Art 2018

UPDATE: The results to the vote are now live! You can read them here.

I created this site to help spotlight and share the stories behind board game art. How games look form a huge part of how we connect with them but when it comes to awards recognition we often primarily focus on the game design. To celebrate the hard work of those responsible for making our games look so beautiful I created this vote. In December I asked you to nominate the best board game art of 2018 and you didn’t disappoint.

You nominated over 200 different games. The list below is your top 10.

I’m looking to find out which of these games released in 2018 had the BEST OVERALL ARTWORK and below is your top 10 most popular nominations in alphabetical order. To help guide you in your vote, I’ve included images of each game as well as the artists and publishers attached to each game according to board game geek.

Remember, this is for overall artwork so try not to judge a game solely by it’s cover.

The images were provided by the publishers, or when they didn’t have any, photos taken by myself or kindly shared by the community. Although I’ve tried to get a good variety of images I’d encourage you to seek out more about each game before casting your vote and to help I’ve included a link next to their names (showing as: more info) through to the website Board Game Geek. Here you can find a gallery of images, the game descriptions and any additional information you may need to guide your choice.

You nominated so many incredible games I wish I could have included more and I hope you’ll join me in celebrating not only the talent shown below but that in the industry as a whole. Finally I’d just like to say a huge thank you to everyone that has taken part so far and those of you joining us at this stage. On to the vote!

Best Board Game Art 2018 Nominees

1066 Tears to Many Mothers (more info)

Artists: The Creation Studio, Ania Kryczkowska, Arkadiusz Banas, Guillaume Menuel, and Mark Bulahao
Publisher: Hall or Nothing Productions

Images supplied by Hall or Nothing Productions

Architects of the West Kingdom (more info)

Artist: Mihajlo Dimitrievski
Publisher: Garphill Games

Images taken by More Games Please and supplied by Garphill Games

Brass Birmingham (more info)

Artists: Lina Cossette, David Forest, Damien Mammoliti
Publisher: Roxley Games

Images supplied by Roxley Games

Coimbra (more info)

Artist: Chris Quilliams
Publisher: Eggert Spiele

Images supplied by Chris Quilliams and Eggert Spiele


Everdell (more info)

Artist: Andrew Bosley
Publisher: Starling Games

Images supplied by Starling Games and taken by @BoardGameShot.

Feudum (more info)

Artist: Justin Schultz
Publisher: Odd Bird Games

Images supplied by Odd Bird Games and taken by @Playtography, @BoardGameShot and @Dr. Meeple.

The Grimm Forest (more info)

Artists: Noah Adelman, Lina Cossette, David Forest
Publisher: Druid City Games

Images supplied by Druid City Games, photos taken by @BoardGameShot and @Quackalope.

Reykholt (more info)

Artists: Klemens Franz, Lukas Siegmon
Publisher: Frosted Games

Images supplied by Renegade Game Studios and @LordBalder

Rising Sun (more info)

Artists: Edgar Skomorowski, Adrian Smith
Publisher: CMON

Images from CMON website and taken by More Games Please

Root (more info)

Artist: Kyle Ferrin
Publisher: Leder Games

Images taken by More Games Please

Voting Now Closed!

Voting closed on 26/01/19 and the results will be announced 28th January.

If you took part, please consider sharing my site and the results, this was a public vote supported by the community and to spotlight art. Thanks all!

Top 10 Best Board Game Art of 2018

Top 10 Best Board Game Art of 2018

Nominate - Best Board Game Art 2018

Nominate - Best Board Game Art 2018