Nominate - Best Board Game Art 2018

Nominate - Best Board Game Art 2018

UPDATE: The results of the nominations and vote are now live! You can check them out on the site over here.

I created this site to help spotlight and share the stories behind board game art. How games look form a huge part of how we connect with them but when it comes to awards recognition we often primarily focus on the game design. To celebrate the hard work of those responsible for making our games look so beautiful I created this vote.

I’m looking to find out which games (expansions included) released this year had the BEST OVERALL ARTWORK. Will it involve work by industry veterans or someone new to the scene? Will it be a gorgeous indie game or a beautiful big release? To find out the answer, I need your help.

Which board game had the best art of 2018? You decide!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Nominate the games you think have the Best Art of 2018.

  2. The top 10 most popular choices will go to a final vote.

  3. Vote for your favorite and then come back to see the results!

Remember, only the top 10 most nominated games will make the final vote.

Need reminding which games released in 2018? Here’s a list on Board Game Geek.
Want to see last years results? Check out
Best Board Game Art 2017.

Nominations are now closed!
Come back to vote on the top 10 nominations in January.

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Vote - Top 10 Best Board Game Art 2018

Vote - Top 10 Best Board Game Art 2018

Best Board Game Art of 2017

Best Board Game Art of 2017