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Anne Heidsieck: Art in Board Games #55

I wanted to make a joke about the omnipresent sexism of the 50s era by reversing the roles on the cover. At first, I imagined a woman in a suit near a sold sign in front of a nice house, giving the key to her nice husband with the kids in his arms. I wanted it to be so we could imagine her saying to her husband "see what I bought for you and the kids darling"..

Heather Vaughan: Art in Board Games #53

I went through a long time where in my head “Finished art” meant that the art was hyper realistic and perfect. [..] It was a hard time training my brain to be okay with finished art that was polished, but not sterile. [..] that’s where my color choices and strange themes come from [..] me leaning hard into the skid of trying to buck the idea that realism is the only way for art to be truly “finished”.

Sarah Keele: Art in Board Games #47

The Salem witch trials was a dark time in American history and there were a lot of innocent victims, self righteous individuals and perpetrators. Lots of death, fear, lies and betrayal. Mary Warren (the first one I did, and the one I actually initially envisioned as Ann Putnam) was a perpetrator. She’s the one who started the witch hunt. When drawing her I wanted her character to feel ominous. Drawing her also set the tone for the rest of the art in the game.

Cinyee Chiu: Art in Board Games #43

I'll look for lots of references, in 2 ways. One is to look for existing works with similar topics, to see how people approach this topic, and to find a way to demonstrate that in a fresh way so it can stand out. Another way is to grab whatever I feel is interesting visually, which can be illustration…